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Marathon Runner
have run over 70 marathons and have used massage therapy for over 7 years. I also spend a lot of time traveling and at the computer. Brad's techniques have been the best I've ever experienced, especially for muscle and shoulder recovery. I would recommend him to any athlete or person who works out. His massage makes a great difference for me. I'm always impressed with Brad's ability to recognize key target areas to work on with no supervision. That is my measure of a talented massage therapist.
Comfort Food Massage from Emily is just like eating comfort food and has become part of my routine to not only relax my body but also my mind.
4Hand Therapy I have had 2 back surgeries and have been seeing Emily for a deep tissue massage once a week for over 4 years. A few years ago, she introduced me to her wonderful husband, Brad, and I started seeing him for my massages when Emily wasn't available. They have different styles of massage, Brad has hands of steel and really gets in there to work out those knots while Emily has long, firm strokes that soothe and relaxes those knotty muscles of mine, so for me, their different styles are wonderful. They both know my many “trouble spots”, and after 2 back surgeries there are a lot, but we were finding that even with a 2 hour session with just one of them, there were still some spots we would have to miss and then try to remember to get to them the following week. Then, Brad and Emily came up with the amazing 4-hand massage. OMG! If you have never tried it, you have got to at least try it once, but be prepared because after a 4-hand massage, you will never want to go back to a single person massage. Imagine every muscle in your body getting massaged twice in two different ways – Brad working that knot out and then Emily getting deeper into that knotty muscle that Brad has loosened up. We have found that with a 4-hand massage, we can get more work done in 1 hour than we ever could with 2 hands and 2 hours. Try it… will LOVE it and never go back to a 2-hand!
Dr. Stubbs
Amazing! I just want to let all of you know that Tuesday I had probably the greatest massage known to man. I know a few of you have heard me talk about my massage while you were in the office, but I just wanted to get the word out even more today. I had what is aptly named "The Four Hand Massage", yep you guessed it that is two people massaging you at the same time. The practitioners of this wonderful massage are Brad and Emily Tidwell of "Hands of Chi" Massage. I just want to let all of you know about them and I highly suggest visiting them.
Heavenly! The 4 Hand Massage is truly heavenly! It offers true relaxation like nothing else. Once you've experienced Brad and Emily's 4 Hand technique, you'll never want to go back to just a plain old typical massage! If you care about your health and physical well-being, you owe it to yourself to check this out – make your appointment today!
Robin W
Bi-weekly Adjustment I can't wait to see Bard every other week for a 30 minute mental and physical adjustment. Since my time is pre-scheduled, I plan my week around a 30 minute quick fix and I am on my way to finish my day in harmony.
Emily's Massage
I've gone to Emily for a little over four years now. She is amazing! I've seen her during two pregnancies and she helped the entire time and even went above and beyond to offer prenatal massages. It is easy to relax around her. Emily is one of the most gifted massage therapists I have ever been to and we are lucky to have found her.
Awesome Brad did the most wonderful job with my massage today! I hadn't had one in awhile so I'm quite sure my muscles were a mess. Left a different person than I was when I came in!! Thank you! Promise to schedule more often!
Michelle N.
Warmly Welcomed Emily and Brad were extremely kind and welcoming and gave me a wonderful first massage experience! I highly recommend the four-hand massage-- Emily and Brad work harmoniously to work out all muscles. They welcomed feedback and truly cared about my comfort throughout the session.
4Hand Symphony Review of The 4HAND
The unique four hand massage provided by Hands of Chi is an amazing experience. Like the different instruments in a symphony, deep tissue work is combined with delicate, feathery touch to the feet and hands making the session very harmonious.  
It is the physical experience of the harmony of music; that truly is the best way to describe the effect of the four hand massage by Brad and Emily.  Both comforting to the soul and restorative to the body, their massage leaves a lasting impression and allows you to get back to the work you love with renewed energy.  
Deep Tissue I met Brad at my job's annual health fair and so glad I did. I set an appointment to see him and was extremely happy with the deep tissue massage I received. I have had so much tightness that it has been affecting my back and neck. We made a plan to get it worked out and I look forward to getting back to normal.
Amorette M
Harmonious Emily creates a relaxing environment for a therapeutic experience.
The 4Hand The 4Hand massage at Hands of Chi is amazing, the tension in your muscles is relieved after the massage. You body so relaxed with the way that Emily and Brad preform the massage. I try to tell everyone I can about the treatments.
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