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Massage Therapist: Brad Tidwell LMT change

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  • 30 min - Therapeutic Massage $30
    AKA "The Wash" is a 30 minute over the clothing massage (using no lotion) which focuses on a specific issue of your choice or may also be a quick yet effective "wash" over your whole body.  Perfect when you're in a time crunch or just need some quick work done.
  • 60 min - Therapeutic Massage $80
  • 90 min - Therapeutic Massage $110
  • 120 min - Therapeutic Massage $160
    Relieve chronic pain, repair, and heal with a Therapeutic/Deep Tissue style massage to help free up restrictions in fascia. Perfect for athletes or anyone with chronic pain related to training, injuries, or high stress. Fascia is the connective tissue between the skin and muscle as well as around each individual muscle which becomes bound up during intense exercise, injury, and surgery leading to pain and immobility. A variety of techniques will be used to free up restrictions in fascia and release core knots allowing for better blood flow, flexibility, and stamina.